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KORTECH is a world-class and Nigeria-based Web Design Company offering Website Designing, Website Hosting & Maintenance, Mobile app development, Graphics design, Bulk sms, and Subscription Services. Value Technology have been in operation for over 8 years and done multiple projects which shows our expertise, experience, good customer support and success.

Website Design

Having a unique website design is important part of the branding and marketing process of your business

Web Development

Our new fangled approach to Development is directed creating and building deep love for your website

Graphics Design

We provide a range of graphic design solutions from logo designs, brochures, designs, visual identity design, signage, promotional items, leaflets, poster, custom invitations, book covers, social/digital media banners, personalized birthday cards, infographic, presentation templates, branding and much more.

Mobile App Development

We create and develop the most engaging mobile apps with the best user interface and user experience that make your brand stand out. Our mobile apps are designed to meet demands and functionalities. This makes KORTECH the best in Nigeria.



Do you have a business and don’t have a website? If you said yes, it’s almost as if your business doesn’t exist. In this modern era, people and companies are on the internet for information. Why do you think people visit a website? It’s primarily to find information. And if you’re in the business world, information is critical. You need to have a website for your customers. It needs to contain information about what you can do for them. Below are just few of the advantages and benefits of having a website for your business.

Less Expensive

Have you ever advertised your business through various forms such as printed media, radio, television or by other means? It’s expensive! Investing in advertising is necessary, but it takes a lot of money. Having a website will make promoting your company less expensive. Many versions of offline advertising available on the internet are sometimes free.


Have you ever experienced having to turn customers away because it’s closing time? Well, you don’t have to close the doors of your website. An online site can be visited anytime of the day or night. People will look to your site instead of going to your shop because it is more accessible. Just make sure to post enough information about your products and services.

Increase Customers

Most business have local popularity, but what about potential customers outside their city? A website can help you generate more customers. Not just outside your city, but worldwide. The internet offers a global community. With a website, your business will be visible around the world.

Increase Sales

If you are a business owner, more visitors leads to more potential sales. That’s how your website will help you. You can drive more people to your site by consistently updating and promoting the contents of your site. The more informative your site is, the greater the possibility of increasing your sales.



Your website is the hub of your online business; it is the virtual representation of your company whether your company exists physically or not. When you are doing business online, people cannot see you physically like how they could if they were dealing with an offline company. Hence, people do judge you by your covers. This is where a good design comes in.

Imagine if you are running an offline company. Would you allow your salespersons to be dressed in shabby or casual clothes when they are dealing with your customers? By making your staff wear professionally, you are telling your customers that you do care about quality.

Similarly, the same case is with your website. If your website is put together shabbily and looks like a 5 minute “quick fix”, you are literally shouting to your visitors that you are not professional and you do not care for quality.

On the opposite, if you have a totally professional looking website layout, you are giving your visitors the perception that you have given meticulous attention to every detail and you care about professionalism. You are organised, focused and you really mean business.

On the other hand, you should also have anything related to your company well designed. From business cards to letterheads to promotional brochures, every little bit matters. This is because as you grow your business, these items become the face of your business. Once again, think of the “salesperson dressed shabbily” anology, and you will get my point.


With the Internet spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information. KORTECH goes to great lengths to assure your content is delivered so that visitors can easily and intuitively find the information they seek, resulting in a pleasant and productive user experience. With this in mind, you can check out some of our past projects below:

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

This is the best website design company we’ve worked with. They were very patient in working with us on our contents. If you need a web design company, visit Kortech.

John Adedayo

It was such a wonderful experience. Indeed, Kortech is indeed a wonderful company every business truly needs. We sure recommend them for your web development needs.

Sola Adebayo

KORTECH is the best in Nigeria you can trust to deliver excellence any time any day. The web developers here sure knows how to build awesome websites.

Olumide Michael

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Do you have a business and don’t have a website? If you said yes, it’s almost as if your business doesn’t exist. In this modern era, people and companies are on the internet for information. Why do you think people visit a website? It’s primarily to […]
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