We all know that you website should be the hard working version of your business on the internet, but why is that? What makes your website your most important employee?

1. It works for free – mostly, apart from initial expenses (be it a layout of time or money) to get your website up and running & monthly hosting fees. Your website works its ass off for little or no monetary reward. Sweet! This is one employee that won’t spend all its time hanging out by the water cooler.

2. It’s your biggest fan! going above and beyond the tout your business to everyone who comes in contact with it, shouting your praises from the roof tops. At least, it should be. Maybe now’s a good time to revisit your website copy?

Does it tell your customer exactly why they should choose you? Here’s a tip, don’t talk about what your selling them (they probably already know that), try telling them why they should be buying from you!

3. It’s handing out your business card to everyone it meets, how many other employees do that?? Make sure you’ve got all your contact details on your website, and a contact form, and make sure it’s easily accessible.

4. It’s great at taking names and kicking ass, mainly just taking names. Your website is awesome at collecting potential customer information, so make sure you’ve got your newsletter opt-in available.

5. It’s always on hand for your customers! If they have a question, your website is right there with the answer (hopefully!). If you find you’re always getting asked the same questions, why not set up an FAQ page?


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